Joe Heilman grew up listening to his mother’s soul music & stealing his father’s Beatles records. So when he picked up an acoustic guitar what came out was a little bit of everything…and it still does! Joe’s been writing & performing for over twenty years. He’s performed in almost every state of the union from bars & clubs to churches & homeless shelters… The years have left a voice that sounds as well worn as a saxophone, weathered and rich…Now every song is peppered with that soulful seasoning that makes you feel warm all over and gets your feet a movin’…

Saturday Jan 26, Noon- 5p.m.: Joe Heilman

Sunday Jan 27, Noon-4 p.m.: Mike Proffitt and Dana Silvercloud

Saturday Jan 26, Noon-6 p.m./Sunday Jan 27, Noon-5 p.m.: Colonial DJs